April 12th, 2017

Geneshalf all anim

I'm back..

My cable modem died yesterday.  I called Comcast at 9:34AM and they showed up at 10:05AM!  Now thats service!  they were surprized that this modem was 2 years old. So here I am, back with you.
what a week: first, the weekend saw temps go up to 70 degrees. Monday, we had a tornado warming, not watch. Tuesday, we dropped 24 degrees and today, we're back in cold temps. well, from 70 degrees to 45 degrees feels like winter.
such is life in Michigan.
But all is happy now except I can't discourage Alduin to fly away. I've been zapping him since Sunday evening.  Alduin is the Dragon in SkyRim who is my main goal. he's one tough old bird. he'll get his.
oh, did i mention i got a hair cut Monday? i did. I'm all beautiful again.  eat your heart out Tom Cruise.
ok, I'm off