March 21st, 2017


Hey, it's sunny Tuesday. and no rain.

could it be?  is spring really almost upon us??   crosss your fingers.  So yesterday a old friend asked me to reinstall his operating system on his laptop. So i did, and boy, they sure don't make laptops like they used to. But it finally went on and now he' s a happy camper. we went from "Vista" to WIndows 7.  Now while I'm a XP man myself, Windows 7 is fine even though almost half of my programs won't run under it. drats.  all those nice, games and creation software just sit by my feet, collecting dust. sigh.
but on the good news front, another friend is going to Japan. The lucky devil. but this is what happens when you actually plan your trips. So maybe instead of dreaming about visiting Japan, i hould start and make a plan???
ok, i'm off