March 20th, 2017


Super Mansion. find it on Crackle network.

it's fun way to watch the Sunday evening turn into Monday morning.  Yesterday was also a sad day for me, since LiveJournal reminded me it would have been SaiyaJim's birthday. He's the friend who at the ripe age of 16, died in a terrible truck - car accident.  I still think of him and that will give you a glue of how people effect  me. I don't forget something good. R.I.P. Jim.
So we greet not-so-Blue Monday. suns out, birdies are singing or scolding, can't be sure which, the weather. we had lightening last night and rain, but no thunder. Cat didn't get scared, so wasn't a big deal. to him. to me yes, 25 hours before, we had snow???
ok, I'm off