March 19th, 2017


It's time to re-watch " Read or Die". weire title for an anime, but good series.

so here we are on Happy Sunday. No rain, the temp is warming up and did i mention no rain? oh, i did. well it should be mentioned more than once. ah. I watched "nothing " on TV last night except "Skyrim". man, i would really love to meet and shake the hands of those engineers. gads, they are so talented! I wish i could program like that!
So this Sunday, is greeted by the cat letting me (us) sleep in and i had a weire dream about "dogs?". go figure.
so, do the washing, the hard and heavy load: jeans! yuck. oh well. they need it.
and then asnwer my thing.(text)
Sunday paper is waiting for me and so is the instrution manual for the yaesu radio. all 175 pages of it.
ok, I'm off.