March 17th, 2017

Green Mickey

Yes, it's Saint Patricks Day.

everything is turning up green today. Yesterday is better off forgotten. I couldn't use my right leg: mr.arthritis showed up and i couldn't bend the leg. muscle spasms. But, as fast as it came on, it left. I'm now almost back to normal. normal enough to go shopping for my food and the cats food. oh, did i mention we're supposed to get freezing rain and snow and then rain.
ah. I do Love Michigan. I wouldn't trade this for nothing.
So, having Saint Patricks Day fall on a Friday in lent, kind of postpones corned beef  till either Thursday, or Saturday. bummer!
and not to mention watching "The Quiet Man" . ah a great two days it is.
so off with you to the pub for a pint or two.
I'm off