March 15th, 2017


It's So-So Wednesday.

it's cold outside, and I've got to rollout the cart today for tomorrows pick up, or should i say tip-up. last week at this time, we had that terrible wind storm. 800,000 people with out electricity. and it was cold too. Some people are still without power today! So today is going to be spent making plans for the spring-summer. I've got oodles of yard work to do, antenna's to install an just keep in contact with old elementary students. funny how I remember all the kids I attented elementary school, but forgot most of the college pals. except the profesors, I had a blast with them.
So today, is filled with great, good memories of days passed. Some times, those memories are happier and more joy filled than what i experience today.  I miss my family. i miss my great friend, pal Serge. he was like the sun. always there, always filling life with his joy. I miss my brother, who after many many years, i finally admitted i loved. for brothers, thats not an easy thing to do. I suppose its the same with sisters??
time to get cold. yuck. I can't wait till November gets here so we can have some warmer weather?
I'm off