March 3rd, 2017


It's Whoosh' Birthday today. He's happiely married and living in another

country. Miss you my man.
Funny how certain people  impress their personality on you, and it stays. I'm happy for him, but miss his warm, snappy comments.
oh well. he'll come back some day.
I did it. no, not that. I watched the whole 3 dvd's of The Hobbit.  I was cheering for Smaug. Nuts, they always get rid of the dragon. and he could have been a nice addistion when fighting the 5 armies.
and it was sad to see those actors who have passed away since the filming was finished; Sir Ian Holm and Christorpher Lee. That's not a complete list by far.
Well, it's TGIF and the second day of LENT. SO, what are you doing for the next 40 days?
I'm off