March 2nd, 2017

Inuyasha2 anim

miss the dog boy..

So here we are. the second day of March. Wow, a snow storm last night, and today, the sidewalk is covered in ice! naughty weather.
But got a lot done yesterday.  i got ashed. started to think what i would do for Lent. instead of giving up things ( like paying my utility bills!) I'll do what Father Don sugessted: spread Love and do good.
Now thats the kind of Lent we need now days.   The hard thing i did yesterday was go on a fast. I'm already losing weight, by changing "everything" in my life, so going a whole day without food is not the brightest idea I've had. But i did it and then i didn't order a pizza after midnight. Good boy.
I watched " The Hobbit" an unexpected journey. Wow, i didn't realize it was over 3 hours running time. But i watched it and tonight, the i'll watch the second film.
I also finally, after a 43 mintues phone call to customer service, got my username and password figured out for my web site. The company sold their web hostin service and i kind of got lost in the move. but i'm getting back now.
ok, I'm off