February 24th, 2017


"It's TGIF!"

and that means it's hours away from the "Weekend". YAY US. We can watch outside as the rain, then sleet and finally snow starts to fall. YAY US again.
ah boy. I've been waiting for this for at least 2 weeks. Who wants all that SUn, bright cloudless sky, when you have it filled with gloomy grey to dark colored clouds!  ah. this is living!
Yesterday was a sight to behold! I had both carts lined up to be tipped, two pieces of our old cracked toiletter, followed by the really old chair. a big one. and our professional city sanitation workers just picked them all up like the sturdy people they are. My Hats off to them. and then it rained and thunder woke me up this morning. Thats right, thunder, and rain. yuck. where's the snow?
so i have to go now and practice my acceptance speech for the oscars.   you never know!
ok, I'm off