February 22nd, 2017

Avalon Trolley

surprizing Wednesday. not raining, but extreamly dense fog.

i couldn't see the sidewalk from my front window this morning.  and to think, we're going to be shoveling S.N.O.W. next week at this time.  and Next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday.  The year is moving right along, isn't it. This weekend, is oscar weekend. hmm. I noticed i wasn't nominated again. They'll miss out on hearing my acceptant speech. Their loss.
Wow, so today, heavy work Wednesday. roll out both carts, recycle and trash. haul out the old toiletter and tank. and the really old chair. wow. did i mention doing the laundry?  well I thought i'd leave that for you. this way, you can say you helped me out too.  What a guy I am.
ok, I'm off