February 16th, 2017


yup. she's still smiling. why, we don't know why, she just is.

So here we are. Happy Thursday. YAY. the Sun's out and it's not freezing, or is it?
I have no plans today except to do the laundry and research a new thing-a-ma-bob.  that will probably be a lot of work.
The cat let us sleep in today. kind of. i wouldn't get up at 6:40AM. So yes, we did sleep in.
Reduced participation . Thats the term I'm using to describe the number of folks who check into Ham Radio nets now days. Not sure whats going on, but its all over, not just local. Cell phones invading that area too? I don't think so. but you never can tell. folks are really over relying on these small hand held phones. or should i say, hand held computers. which is what they really are.
ok, i'll get off the old soap box. ( slipped off really)
I'm off