February 14th, 2017


"Roses are Red.....Violets are Blue...Gee, Gosh, I really Love you!"

Happy Valentines day!
I hope all you receive the special Valentines gifts you deserve.
Me, I just got through holding and petting Scooter the cat. He really needed it to. He started sheding last night, or should i say i just caught it last night. Wow, talk about hair caught in a brush! But he feels better. and he even thanked me by letting me sleep in today. "YAY ME".
I had a strange dream last night. I was walking on college campus towards a special presentation or something. it was weird.
i wonder if there's something like a nightmare, but called "College-compus Mare?".
I may decide to walk up to the avenue to get a dozen sun rise eggs. sounds nutty, doesn't it. but so far, they're the best eggs i've had.
ok, time to leave you all alone so you can eat that decious, calory free chocolate. YUM.
Up your nose, down your spine, won't you be my valentines!...
I'm off