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February 12th, 2017

its been a while and the "Toon" networks can't make their minds up if they want big rating with children and young adults, or larger profit margins.  bring out the stick toons!
So today, Sunday, is soggy Sunday. we've got rain on the way and to help celebrate the downpour, I walked up and got a hair cut yesterday. I checked with the weather professional: The mail man! He said the sidewalks were pretty good. and they were. just the cross, don't cross signal system was'nt working. i had to cross on the stopped vehicles. They will hear about it tomorrow.
The cat woke me up at 8:30AM. darn critters anyway. I could really have slept in today too. who wants to get up on a day where you'll be facing "Rain".
I had a great talk with my barber yesterday. I get my hair cut at "Judes". Instead of a barber who looks like he's on the bowling team league for budweiser, i get a gal who could pose for glamor or sports illustraited's swim suit issue.  nothing wrong with that, just I didn't think we would have a lot to chat about when she was mowing my hair. I was wrong. we talked about "Chocolate" and how she doesn't have a B.F. and she's ok with that. I told her for valentines day, i would usually get my date a stuffed bear. the reasoning behind that was simple: if i gave her chocolate, she'd hate me in the spring time for helping her put on weight. But if i gave her a stuffed bear, she'd always have a nice fuzzy memmory of me.  Smart thinking, huh. ( note: i'm still single!)
ok, I'm off

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