February 10th, 2017


I still wish I could take that bear dog for a walk.

It's TGIF and another cold day. but this time, the cat let me ( us) sleep in. and now, I have to make up for the lost timd: do the laundry, feed the outdoor critters and think about changing the vacuum cleaner belt and bag. Yuck.
I also discovered that one who is successfully reduced weight by losing weight shouldn't buy an EXTRA- Large pizza. there's no place to put it!  So tonight, all hot, and small portions of stuff. you know, a bag of M & M's , only three bite size milky way candy bars and one can of vanilla coke.  Life is tought!.
did i mention I have to get a smaller size pants now. there goes the budget for sure.
oh well. it's what i wanted and it was my choice. right?
ok, enjoy the TGIF and have fun this weekend.
I'm off