February 8th, 2017

Mojo JO jo

oh no! Mojo jo jo is upset! You ask him way. I'm not going to.

So here we are, cold, almost snowy Wednesday. Of course it couldn't be nice like yesterday, so i could get a hair cut and roll out the carts. NO, of course not. It had to be on the downward slde of winter, with cold, snow and maybe sleet. Yay, somebody.
I'm still not watching network news. I just do not want to be upset by watching the idiots' choice for president, think they're seeing a new goverment be created. I wonder how much booze you'd have to have to think like that?
so, I'm watching hockey, some HBO, while i get it in a package deal and TCM. Thank you Ted Turner. Of course, Bloomburg news is kind of nice to see how the stock market is doing. Not that i understand all that stuff, but they do have a nice technical report that i find interesting.
time to go and roll out the old carts. ugh.
I'm off ( my rocker!)