February 6th, 2017


Thats Priss, from "Bubblegum Crisis". I may watch that series again.

Had a present surprize when my pal stopped by. He spent all day with his new, 3 week old grand daughter. how tiny she is.  We spent the evening reading about "Solid State Drives".  My Canadian pals, at Alchemy Mindwork shop, just installed a whole bunch of SSD's. They wrote up their experience in doing so. Very informative!
Maybe, when, not if, I decide on building my next computer, I'll switch over to SSD's.
I only watched a very few minutes of superbowl Sunday. Looks like it was a great game.
Today is electrical inspector day: they want to inspect the work the electricians did putting in the new circuits for the new furnace.
So i had better get going. and whats with this cold night last night?????
Ok, I'm off