February 3rd, 2017

Geneshalf all anim

16 degrees would scare any rodent back in his hole.

It's a cold day and we're supposed to get freezing rain sometime next week. But never fear, spring and then followed by summer, will be here by September 23th.  I swear.
 Today is a busy day for me. first off, shovel, or try to, the driveway so my driver can make it up the driveway. Go to the bank and order stuff. then grocery shopping. YAY ME. followed by the monthly club meeting tonight.  I'm the secretary, translation, "BIG SHOT".  its true, I'm a legend in my own mind!
maybe i'll offer branded shirts, hats and buttons with my photo on it. "Thats the ticket!".  There, got that sillyness out of my system. Now days, i need to create all the distractions i can. I still think I'm dreaming and ate something funny last night, like liver soup, or lettuce favored ice cream!
It's TGIF. Now all of you, go out and have fun. Be safe, but giggles  going~
I'm off