February 1st, 2017

Geneshalf all anim

so today is February 1st.

Yay us. that means it's only 10 months till Christmas. I'm already counting!
i stayed up late again. playing "Skyrim". it helps me keep my sannity.  Thats a hard thing to do, the way things are unfolding now days.
But never fear. I've got my cat, (Scooter), laying on my lap, almost sound asleep, while i read my blogs.
I've also just emptied Scooters litter box ( these are some facts you couldn't go without) and got ready to plow some snow. yay me.  The snow plowing trucks came by last night: around and around and around they went, till you can't tell i have a driveway. but never fear, with plastic snow shovel in hand, I'll make short work of it. ( its called, wait till spring)
Today is roll out the cart day. after i make a place to put it, that is. remember the snow plow trucks? yeah, they filled that in too.
Ok i'm off