January 29th, 2017


well, no home work assignments, yeah!

But I know master Roshi will dish it out.  So what's on cable this Sunday?  400 channels of ......yeah, you know what i mean.
So thank goodness for "Skyrim".  Better than any pain pill. ( i know not what i'm talking about, or do i?)
It keeps my mind busy while not focusing on what hurts. yay for me. Good for me too, based on this coming week will be a "Snow week". Thats not unlike the snow days we had when we went to school.  I do miss the little carton of milk and the stale gramm crackets, that would usually be placed on the hot water register. Then don't forget to lay your head down on your desk. time for a nap.
Now days.......
oh well.
I'm off