January 21st, 2017


And she has a reason to be happy: it's 44 degrees outside and the snow is almost gone.

Lazy Saturday. today is a great day to tear up the boxes i got stuff from the UPS guy. the recycle dude will be here next Thursday. I also was going to get something to read, but all they had was commercial trade stuff. Romance and love me tender stuff.  I was kind of in the market for "Godzilla meets Mr.Bumpy", or something thrilling like that. No go. So just got groceries and no meat.  When you see hamburg for sale as 30 days same as cash, you know somethings wrong.
but it was a fun trip. NO ICE!
 i was going to get a bulk sticker for an appliance, but the customerservice counter was clogged with returning Christmas stuff. YET?
oh well, it can wait.
i guess i'll just enjoy this great day and remember the women's march. Good for you!
ok, I'm off