January 19th, 2017


He'll be back! Godzilla that is.

So happy Thursday and what a day. little snow but oh, that black ice. you can't really see it till you walk on it and slip-side. i did just that taking some trash out to the cart a while ago. But we're still in the January thaw. yuck.
so today i have to make out a grcoery list for tomorrow and i still can't decide what meat to get. I'm really not liking greasey stuff. That leaves out a whole peck of stuff. What's left?  tuna fish, chicken and other non-greasey stuff.
See, my diet is working and i'm finally eating the right and good stuff. Now, if only i could afford it!  fruit! Wow, i can't believe what a few oranges cost or apples. corn is nice, when in season. ( Michigan corn that is)
So today is poke around the old house and get ready for "WINTER and more SNOW". Yes, it is coming back.
ok, I've ruined your day.
I'm off