January 17th, 2017


That icon was made specially for me, by processor... I miss her.

it also reminds me it's time to replace all my icons. some are 12 years old and i don't use them anymore.
I love winter. I hate watching snow melting in January. I really do not like, nor does it like me, icy anything, except cubes in my glass of water.  This is how i'm starting my Tuesday. Yay me.  Today it is raining, kind of below 36 degrees and just yuckie poo outside.
This is the kind of day i would love to walk up to the avenue and get a haircut and maybe a dozen sun rise eggs.  Oh, that reminds me: my has started to turn "WHITE"!. and i thought i wouldn't get anything major for my birthday! Wow. what a kick. Now if only i could go to Japan. what a trip that would make.
Question number one: "Exactly how does a French press coffee maker work?"  Nobody has explained that to me satisfactoriely.
ok, Mr.Question man will fade away. Tomorrow, Tips on dating.....
I'm off.