January 11th, 2017

Throne of Blood

that icom, from Throne of blood, gives a pretty good indication of what ...

the weather looks like over here today. except, it isn't quite 45 degrees yet. all the stuff froze over night and now we have ice blocks all over the place.
Well, i had a kind offer from a friend to go to the other clubs dinner. i thought that was special. but, i got thinking about all thats happened, and decided " you can never go home again". it's true.  I can be congenial and sociable. but i also can't forget the 3 years that i haven't had one phone call from 30 some people.  I've called, but only one return call.  I guess this is the road we're one. and they don't meet.
Which reminds me, I've got to get the minutes written up and get the uhf/vhf rig looked over. my goodness, i haven't bought a new radio since 1981 . wow. talk about either cheap, or poor, or both??
Time to roll out the old recycle and trash carts.  They could make a movie of me performing all these house hold chores.??
I'm off