January 9th, 2017


Well, as you can tell, I'm still feeling like a small kid.

It's all this so cold outside i am forced to stay inside. I even put the shoveling on hold till I'm sure my nose and ears aren't going to freeze.  So here we are, on HAPPY MONDAY. Yes, laundry day, or mow the lawn day or just goof off day. I think I'll pick the last one. Believe it or not, we have "RAIN" in the forecast for later today or tomorrow.
I feel like i could take a nap right now. it's all this cold and windy stuff blowing in ones face when your outside. it wears you down. But, the roast turned out ok yesterday. Today is the day i wish i had pajama's.  But i think i would look pretty foolish wearing clothes that have a cowboy and indian motiff on them. yippy yay ...
oh well.
I'm off. be careful out there.