January 4th, 2017


That's Gort. I've asked Klatu if he would lend me him to shovel the driveway. nope

So much for planterary good will.  The cat woke me up today to tell me, or rather, to let me feel how cold it is today:17degrees. yuck. and we've got a whole winter left of this .of course, this is roll out the cart day. YAY ME. I get to get dressed up like i'm an artic explorer. and, while i'm all dressed up, i should go and get a hair cut.  if it aint one thing....
I did not watch the news last night. YAY me. i wonder if i can keep that up for however long it needs to be??
but, the good side to today, i don't really need to shovel snow. YAY ME.
So, Happy Wednesday is here. hoorah for us.  Lets see, how to plan on dinner on a cold winters night?  How about Canadian Habitate pea soup??  Miso soup with tofu? or roast beef hash?   you guess.
ok, I'm off