December 30th, 2016


yes, i feel like a little boy. Between Christmas and New Years, I get that way.

it's because when i was little, i would be left alone with my grampa and grandma while mom would go out to party with her friends. I would get to stay up and if i could, hear the new year's come in. but that didn't happen often. I would usually fall asleep way before then. Or, get stuck watching the " elevented hour theater". My grandma always thought that meant it lasted 11 hours. nope.
This year, not sure what to watch.
But we do have Morse Code night on New years eve. that when us Ham's get our morse code keys out and make contacts with other minded hams around the country/ world. It's fun.
Well, 2016 has ended good for my desire to be a santa elf for some other people. ah... should be an interesting, funny year ahead.
ok, I'm off.