December 23rd, 2016


It's TGIF and the begining of Christmas Weekend.

YAY us. we've got all our presents wraped. The glass of milk and cookies have been left out for Santa. ( I think I ate them all by mistake) YAY Us.
My driveway has been shoveled and snow blowed by my neighbor. Bless his heart. He let the snow blower do the really heavy work by blowing out the end of the driveway. YAY HIM. So today, it should be easier to haul the groceries up to the house.
I also spent 2 1/2 hours making out Christmas cards. Now that was a lot of work. We don't have the telephone White pages anymore. YOu can try and google the persons name and maybe get thier address. what a pain. but it's done.
Yay the mailman: I won't load him up with the cards, but will drop them off at the grocery store. aint I one nice dude!  ( that list of naughty and nice is getting longer for me.....)
Time to get ready for ht thunder storms and 50 degree weather, followed by 28 degrees.
ok. I'm off.