December 16th, 2016


oh boy, it is cold outside. 10 degrees...Nope, it was 5 degrees last ngiht.

But i didn't really feel it. I was holding a warm snuggly cat and drinking some Delicious coffee. yum. I saw Cindy on Jeapody win again, but in a different way. GO GIRL.  well, today is "TGIF", and we're getting ready for another artic front and SNOW.  Good news, with the temps so low, the snow is more like a cement brick than a ball of snow. yay. my shovel wont touch it.. good job Mother Nature.
So, snow storm tonight, followed by warming trend later.  Warming trend/????  wait a minute, winter just got here. BACK OFF.
But scooter the cat loved to be held and snuggled and petted. so all is ok.
I've been having a slight problem with the great folks at the Playstation web site: they say, in an E-mail no less, that my e-mail address is not valid???  Ok, I guess they don't know what they're doing......yet.
but it's Friday, the first day of the great and snowy weekend. YAY US.
I'm off