December 11th, 2016


I had a great birthday..........several really nice surprizes, oodles of time with ...

the cat on my lap and a nice day of watching the gentle falling snow.  that covered up all the shoveling i did yesterday morning. and it snowed again last night. i mean a lot. and now we have an artic vortex comeing this way for the middle of the week. 0 to 11 above.
To celebrate my being a real adult, ( whatever that is- it sure isn't how i have been acting-behaving) I watched a few spongebob square pants , one pig, goat, banana and crickket and then, to make the night complete, " Cycber city 0d0. With english sub-titles, not the dube. the dube seems to hate the anime.
I also got involved with "Skyrim", but I'm thinking about trying something new. hint hint? any suggestions?
I have this feeling its going to be a long, cold winter.
ok, I'm off and cupkate. come on back......