November 29th, 2016


I've spent hours trying to find Ruff and Ready.

Still can't find them. Gosh i just saw them back in 1955 or so.  I miss Professor Gizmo's and the beep beep of the alien robots. I'll just keep looking. I'm sure hollywood will make a re-make of them.
So today is Happy Tuesday. The sun's out, the temp is a balmy 41 degrees, edging up to 45, maybe.  Yay.  Does that mean winter is over?  no icy sidewalks or walk ways?   But how will the reindeer land if there isn't any snow on the roof??
I'm making my list out.  I'm also looking over who is good and nice and who is naughty.  I may try to date the naughty gals. maybe.
So what kind of toys or dollies do you kids want for Christmas???
ok, off to dream land i go. Yay me.  playing twith the Lionel train set. those were really the days.
Ok, I'm off