November 7th, 2016

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Glorious Monday

I mowed or should i say vacuumed the front and rear yard yesterday. WOW. I can't believe how many leafs fell in just a few days! My yard waste cart is almost full. chatted with my neighbor squirrel  feeding lady and proceded to do the yard work.
Then, last night, for the first time in about 30 years,  i purchased a pay-for-view movie. Yes i did. There were two films i was interested in: Captain America ; Civil War and Startrek beyond. I got Startrek beyond.  Glad i did. it was all i thought it would be.I was surprized to see all the mentioning of Spock.  I forgot it takes a while to make a movie. that was nice to see.
So, today, just clean up a tad in the back yard and of course, hold and scratch the kitty kat.
ok, I'm off