November 6th, 2016

windows xp autumn

ah, the next to the last day of election 2016.

The year when the FBI tried to influence the election. ( as did the Russians). With efforts like that, I have to vote for who ever they're against.
So, today is bright SUnday. time to make the back yard leaf free. LOL. good luck with that. and today is the day i might just receive Holy Conmunian after Mass. Now that would be a nice event.
Turned all my clocks back a whole hour and then set the microwave clock back. Wow, press the button twice, turn the knob and then press the knob. ??? ok. Do all that, and the power blinked off for half a second.  No damage done, but i checked the clocks anyway. They're ok.
So enjoy the bright sunny Sunday. it's truly is a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
I'm off.