October 29th, 2016

green plumkin

Nope. I didn't buy any trick or treat candy. WHy you ask?

because we only have 4 or 5 kids in the nieghborhood. and they'll be out with their friends monday night.  Atlease, it think they will.
Had fun with my subsutute driver yesterday. always fun to make new friends and talk about the "OLD" days.
I watched the CUb's lose last night, but heard Bill Murray sing "Take me out to the Ball game". it was worth it.
I then watched "Mission Impossible 3".  Interesting.  The TV series i used to watch, but not the movies. The movies have great writing.
Tonight, "The Wolverine".
Well, time to go hug the cat. he misses me ( and I miss him)
Ok, I'm off