October 22nd, 2016

green plumkin

cold Saturday.

gee, this is supposed to be happy dance Saturday. Not chattering teeth Saturday!  a hgih of only 52 isn't what i woulld call warm weekend.
i had a quiet Friday night. No dates, no going out dancing, no drunken parties. in short, a fun filled adult Friday night. YAY ME.
I held the cat a lot, and interacted with Skyrim. Does that RPG ever end?
I got up at 7:34AM today to watch "Regal Academy" and Mericulous on Nick. Yes, i know. I'm kind of old to be watching cartoons on a Saturday morning. But good habits never die.
getting up so early feels like i'll be taking a nap later today or this morning.
yay me. ok,
I'm off