October 20th, 2016

green plumkin

Halloween is just a week away.

still, I don't have any candy to hand out. but, there doesn't seem to be any kids in the neighborhood to hand them out to.
 But its been a very proouuctive week.   Got a hair cut yesterday after hearing what the weather would be like in 2 weeks. yuck.  but today, cool, soggy Thursday, is just what the cat ordered. lap time, petting time and snoozing time. ah, the life of a cat.
me? I've got to move HF radios around and order new hardline to replace the corrupted junk thats up there now. I used to be able to bring up the Cadidllac repeater and talk with people on the board walk in grand haven. They only used handi-talkies. ah...the supper system. Now?  a lesson to be learned: don't let other people solder connectors on the transmission line.
ok, i'm off