September 30th, 2016

windows xp autumn

TGIF and, it's the last day of September..

What a way to end September. Rain for 5 days! and now we have TGIF weekend upon us. and we'll all get soggy. "Who likes to dance when they're soggy?"   Thats what i thought.
Well, i'm back in the saddle again. sort of. I'll be operating a radio net in a while and am writting a net control script.  Same idea, but different club. Back in Ham radio clubs again?  same idea, different club.
Today is HAPPY Friday. Happy because I get to go grocery shopping. "YAY ME". ah, i do so look forward to fighting with shopping moms and retired people over sale items. and watch out for those electric carts!  But it will be fun to get out.  My neightbor took me up to Kingmans market, so i could buy chocolate milk and garlic. Yum. you haven't lived till you put garlic in chocolate milk. you'll be the talk of the neighborhood. for sure......
ok, enough sillieness.
I'm off