September 5th, 2016

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Happy Labor day 2016

Finally, this darn cold weather is moving out. YAY. it triggers my arthritis and that is very painful now days, for some reason. ouch.
But i have my trusty hot-cat-bed-warmer with me, that really helps, till he jumps down to go hunting.
So today, is beautiful Monday. This is the start of a very TA-DA warm weather system moving in. YAY Global Warming. I knew we'd feel the good benefits from it sooner or later.  "Does this mean, we're going to get heck this coming winter?"  One can only hope.This year, I'm actaully going to contract with a service to plow my driveway. I'll do the mailman's path, but forget the driveway. way too hard and icy. place to put the snow.
But thats at lease 120 days away from now.
Happy Labor Day.  Now, go out and burn a winie.
I'm off