September 4th, 2016

windows xp autumn

Well here we go, back to summer 2016.

I've heard we're to have a warmer fall than, Usual. but 80 degree days throughout September?
hey, don't knock it.  I watched "Skyrim" on tv last night. I guess I'm at the end of the quests. at lease for the current role i'm playing.
Today, being the middle of Labor Day, we get to celebrate Mother Terres's  becoming a Saint. wel, she actually was before this, but this is just the formal event to acknowledge her Sainthood.  God Bless her.
I did mow the lawn yesterday and did a load of laundry. Aint I good!   (Thats not a question, its a statement)
So today is peaceful Sunday. ah. enjoy the last days of summer. they're beautiful!
I'm off