September 3rd, 2016

windows xp autumn

a really rough night

boy, now that was one painful night.  We had a cold snap last night, down to about 53 or so, and it really hit my arthritis bad. Wow. But I'm still not got to take Analgesic's.  nuts. Thats easy to say, huh. But I did have one busy Friday: groceries, club meeting and supper with the lot. We go to a nice chinese Restaurant.  Won Ton soup and chicken and fried rice. yum. and of course, we like the people who operate the place. and they like us. a great combination.
Well, i don't have to buy D-con: my biological mouse chatcher worked last night.  I found it this morning. nothing like disposing a dead mouse at 8AM.
So we'll see what happens. I need to find out how he got in..
ok, I'm off