August 31st, 2016


well, i had one taker on my free coupon thing, give-away.

So here you are......enjoy on your non-purchase this coming shopping event.  This is sleepy Wednesday. boy, had a rough time sleeping last night. Tonight, "THE DONALD" will give his next minute speech on imigration. for wednesday night only. I'm firing up my Betamax to keep this historic event.
I'm still thinking of if i should go dual- band transceiver, or monoband. ( a lot of you won't undertand these terms. being a ham, do i want a single frequeincy radio, or a dual frequency radio).
Haven't made my mind up. seems like everybody has gone to cel phones instead of radio.  what a shame. Ham radio is one exciting hobby in which you can learn oodles about electronics and communication. But I don't expect others to share my interests in hobbies. it would be nice.
ok, use your coupon wisely....
I'm off