August 29th, 2016

happy me

Ok, so why am i so happy in the icon above?

Why, it's Happy Monday. One week before Labor day drum roll here.....the first day of school.  ( i'm not counting the first day of school for the first timers,, because that is very special for them) ah.  no more silence, as the non-kids in the neighborhood play with their skate boards, the young girls jump in hopscotch, and neighbors yell "Get off the Grass". yup. I won't be hearing that again, not as if i did anyway. most of my neighbors are single couples. and i don't think they're planing on having kids. You see, as a Catholic, I've always planed on having, lets say, 8 kids if we had been married 9 years ( one year for practice). and as you can tell, I'm still single. I guess my plans scared away too many gals...sigh...good thing for rescue Samoyed pooches and feral cats. ( and all the other creatures, great and small).
So today, is happy Monday. laundry day. Thats my way of celebrating one week before school starts. I remember the first day very well. a little kid holding on to his grandfathers hand so tight, for fear he'd let go. ah.....the wonder years indeed.
ok, i'm off