August 28th, 2016


Glorious Sunday.

A great day in the morning. sun shining, bright, birds singing. what more could a boy ask for.  not to see lightening and hear thunder at 11:40PM last night for one thing. We were supposed to be done with rain till Tuesday. guess your software isn't up to snuff, huh.  I finally had the time and viewed "The 5th Wave".  Save your time. just because "hunger games " and Twilight" can tent all over the place doesn't mean you can start up another series. They think they can.
Remember the good old days, when you'd see a great movie, and that would be that. nobody gave a second thought to either producting a "re-make" or a second in line film. The only exception i can think of is "The Fly".
oh well. so much for my being a movie crittic.
ok, I'm off