August 24th, 2016


Where's Gort when you need him!

According to the National Weather service, we had 5 tornados this past Saturday. one was a couple of blocks east of me.  Now that is scary.  Hopefully, that nasty large cell weather pattern will side step us till its SNOW STORM weather. YAY....Jingle bells jingle bells....I'm getting ahead of myself here.
So, for all you Bethesda game fans, "How is Fallout 4?"   They made a big advertising effort a few months ago, and now, quiet. and I haven't heard anybody say how they liked the game. So what gives.
Today, so so Wednesday, is laundry day. yay.( small letters). I also had my perscription filled yesterday. Here's a new one. The Doctors fax machine hic cuped. my perscription got wasted. See, it even happened to professionals.
Ok, i guess i've done my damage for the day.. off to the laundry machine.
I'm off