August 20th, 2016


Yes, i think it's "Bubblegum Crisis 2040" time again.

It's been a while, but I always liked the series.  Today is rainy day saturday. well, thats what the meterologist says.  So probably, we'll have sunshine most of the day, then night will come.  or not.
Exciting Friday night. tried to do the laundry only to have the power go out at 1:40PM. They said it would be back on at 4:14PM  it was. Only Meijer's grocery stores' power had been off a lot longer, like from the morning.  during checkout, the power flicked on and off, then back on.  while reading the data on my creidt card. without meijers' computers working, nobody is checking out. but it came back on. I still haven't heard what happened. but it did cause damage to one of my equipment": my scaner radio lost all 300 memories. Yay me. now we know what i'll be doing today.
ok, time to see if i can mow the lawn yet. it's got dew all over it and dripping. oh boy.
I'm off