August 18th, 2016


Four more days........then back to polotics ....

It could be worse. it could be two more days till the non-sense comes to roost.   Yuck. I have just discovered that i am really, not pretending at all, changing my life. I mean giving up behaviors I simply do not need anymore. They've outlived their usefulness. I had them and used them for a reason, now that reason has been taken care of. interesting. it's like losing weight or quiting smoking. I simply did it. took time, thats for sure. to lose weight, i gave myself 5 years get rid of those bad habits. 5 years. but it worked and stayed off till i quit smoking. then here comes the weight again.  but i'll take it off again.
so what new life adventures await me now??  I'm sure it will be exciting and colorful.  I find life to be like that.
ok, I'm off