August 17th, 2016


I actually got into watching volley ball last night.

China vs Brazil.  That does not happen often. usually, i watch a tad of sports and then find a good Home Shopping Network channel to watch.  you know, plastic egg beaters, disposible, paper forks. things like that. But not last night. almost a whole hour of spiking the ball. and it was exciting too. I don't know how it ended, the cat told me it was time for bed. But it was good.
so today is roll out the carts and clean up the place. ha ha ha. If i only had the tools I could do so much more. We had all those tools, but they went when we had that badly planed yard sale. one should always sell one's house before you sell all the stuff inside of it.
below is a special trick photo.  if you look long enough at the photo, your supposed to eventually see a horse.