August 15th, 2016


YAY. It's HAPPY MONDAY....Yay again.

so what's to be that happy about you say?  WHy, my computer printer died last night. I turned it on and it lit up and made the noises and then, all went dark.  Well, that certainly was a short design life if i say so myself. ( I do)
Why am i happy about that, because I have all my work done on the printer and scanner.  I use the scanner more than the printing function. Scanning your important documents is the safest way to operate.  But i scan them into a PDF file. YAY me.  That has helped me out a lot.  experience worth sharing.
So Monday is here and still waiting for phone calls and other Monday events. Olympics are almost over with. Now I can get back to sitting in my mock rocking chair on the front porch and watch........the outdoors critters and the beautiful clouds float by...........Are there what they mean when they say, " The Golden years?"   ( just watch, the mailman will spoil it by bringing me a medical bill!..kidding)
ok, I'm off