August 11th, 2016


The Olympics...finally, TV worth watching.

I keep watching Phelps swim and swim and swim.  and win and win and win....History in the making..again.
But, this is a good thing on a hot August night.  after this week, i'll be going back to either anime or being entertained by the DJ Trumpsters' way out statements. They finally found somebody to replace Red Skelton!
Today is hot and it is hard to breath this super hot air. yuck. dew points will be in the 70's and temp in the 90's.  looking at my to do list, the only major thing left is the backyard and there's no way I'm going out there to work today. 5 minutes outside, 30 minutes inside. no thanks. next week will be cool enought for me: in the 80's YAY US.
ok, i'm off