August 9th, 2016


the water looks and tastes funny...

they replaced a lead water pipe up the street from me yesterday.  I mowed the lawn and filled the bath tub: nothing feels so good as a nice warm bath after gettng sweaty.  But yipe! The water looked like weak tea and smelled!  Oops. I also had made a whole pot of coffee while filling the bath tub.  Yup. There was something in the water so I dumped all i had done and let the water drain out of the system. it took a while,but it got it all out. And nobody from the city or the pluming company informed us neighbors about this condition.
But it's over with now. For here. But i think about the people at Flint Michigan. 2 years and no drinkable water. yet.
well, i did manage to mow the lawn yesterday before the great and terrible humidity comes through later today. I'm seriously thinking about getting a haircut. what do you think???
ok, I'm off