August 7th, 2016


it's pleasent Sunday. Yay.

Now I'll do my version of a "Happy Dance".  There, now I've ruined dance for you forever! ( taken from Kung Foo panda). But, it still is a nice Sunday. Probably the best we'll have all summer. This is one of those days just between early spring-hot summer-early fall. Yes, 66 degrees seems like early fall. YAY US.  I can almost hear the reindeer hoofs on the roof.
So, the cat decided i had slept long enough: up at 9:30AM and on a Sunday too.  So, eat oat meal, yum and then sit infront of the computer while the cat jumps up on my lap so I can share petting him, talking to him and then he falls asleep.....on my lap. if i were mean, I'd wake him up like he does me. but I'm not. he woke up and jumped down. so now i can yawn most of the day, but thats ok. Thats the kind of Sunday today is. ah....what a great season.
ok, I'm off